Learn the most battle tested self-defense system in the world. Military, counter-terrorism units, law-enforcement and security agencies use Krav Maga because it works. As peaceful people we must become more proficient at violence than evil violent people.

Easy to learn, easy to remember, Krav Maga is based on everyday instinctual movements. “Originally created for the Israeli Military in 1948, where all men and woman between the ages of 18-55 had to serve and had only six weeks to learn some basic hand to hand combat skills”.

American Krav Maga is an ever evolving system that adapts to whatever current threats exist. We do not teach morals or ethics, we are about keeping people safe, survival. We teach people to do the most damage in the least amount of time in order to survive.


American Krav Maga is a system of the most effective self-defense techniques based on instinctive movements that are easy to learn and brutally effective.

Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces and American Krav Maga has its roots in the original principles and techniques designed by its founder Imi Lichtenfield.

All men and women had to serve in the military and had only six weeks to learn hand to hand combat before going into battle. This self-defense system had to be something that could be used by everyone, all ages, shapes, sizes, and not based on athletic ability.

Anyone can learn American Krav Maga. Gabe Cohen, Chief Instructor of American Krav Maga, created a community of like-minded people who are the heart of this movement as American Krav Maga is much more than our techniques or scheduled calendar events. It is the relationships we make with each other, our students and the communities we live in that make American Krav Maga a conduit for the sharing of lifesaving information, for both personal protection and running a small American Krav Maga business. It is the open dialogue and exchange of problem solving conversation that strengthens our community as a whole. This is the American Krav Maga way; A live active community of practice where there is no place for a closed system of techniques run by people with closed minds.

The American Krav Maga Revolution is one that is ever evolving so our self defense techniques specifically address the trends in violence and our communities. We come together with our peers to ask questions, get answers and explore solutions together. We invite many levels of participation to our affiliates.
Some are brand new to the Krav Maga world and others have decades of experience. This makes our instructor courses for civilians and law enforcement second to none.

Because at the end of the day when someone comes to us to learn self-defense they are putting their lives into our hands. We take our job serious. This is not about fancy techniques or fitness challenges, this is about survival and we will not let pride, politics, egos, finances and demographics dictate our agenda. We teach people how to survive what could be the worst day of their lives.

Join us and make a difference today in your community.

About Gabe Cohen

Gabe Cohen Portrait

Gabe Cohen, black belt, self-defense expert and chief instructor of American Krav Maga, is in the business of keeping people safe. Street fighter, bouncer, personal protection agent, and security professional, he earned his nickname as The Pit Bull because of his aggressiveness in the real world arena, not in a traditional martial arts dojo. Battle tested with no pads, floor mats or referees, Gabe Cohen has learned the “old school” way.

Having a limited background in American Combat Karate, a style created by bouncer and street fighter Rich Barathy, Gabe Cohen has dabbled in various martial arts throughout the years . He didn’t discover Krav Maga until he was 40 and then realized he has been basically using it most of his life…the philosophy anyways! “Go forward, go hard, and go fast, do as much damage in the least amount of time.”

Gabe has recently trained and become certified through Rick Blitstein, Senior Black Belt Instructor of the IKMA and the original American Krav Maga pioneer.

American Krav Maga Self-Defense Seminars & Training

Gabe Cohen has seen his share of real world violence. As a leading authority on self defense and personal protection, Gabe offer’s many on-site seminars, certifications, and trainings. Topics include:

  • Instructor Certification Courses
  • Weapons Disarming
  • Law Enforcement
  • Instructor Certification Course
  • Active Shooter
  • Car Jacking
  • Women’s Self-Defense
  • Situational Awareness / Profiling
  • American Krav Maga For Beginners
  • Teen Violence / Dealing With Bullies

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Gabe Cohen can address your organization and demonstrate the lessons and theories of self-defense with an energetic approach and positive attitude. He engages the audience with an introduction to the basics of martial arts and how Krav Maga is different. He’ll also discuss how Krav Maga helped him re-define his troubled life at age 40. An unbelievable story that must be heard to be believed. Topics Include:

  • How I Became A Public Figure
  • American Krav Maga Gym Affiliation
  • From Drugs and Thugs to Cops and Preachers

Gabe was recently invited by the Denver County Sheriff’s Department to speak at the Denver Downtown Detention Center to inmates on how he changed and turned his life around.

He is currently producing his first documentary film on his American Krav Maga story.

ACCOLADES / In the media

Gabe Cohen is articulate, forward thinking, creative, and very amicable. People have a tendency to gravitate towards his infectious smile and compassionate affable personality. He is highly trained in martial arts, and is an instructor sought after in the Krav Maga community.

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