Gabe Cohen Gabe Cohen, black belt, self-defense expert and chief instructor of American Krav Maga, is in the business of keeping people safe. Street fighter, bouncer, personal protection agent, and security professional, he earned his nickname as The Pit Bull because of his aggressiveness in the real world arena, not in a traditional martial arts dojo. Battle tested with no pads, floor mats or referees, Gabe Cohen has learned the “old school” way.

Having a limited background in American Combat Karate, a style created by bouncer and street fighter Rich Barathy, Gabe Cohen has dabbled in various martial arts throughout the years . He didn’t discover Krav Maga until he was 40 and then realized he has been basically using it most of his life…the philosophy anyways! “Go forward, go hard, and go fast, do as much damage in the least amount of time.”

Gabe has recently trained and become certified through Rick Blitstein, Senior Black Belt Instructor of the IKMA and the original American Krav Maga pioneer.


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