In this country a mandated 20 hours a year of training for our men and women of law enforcement is not enough. The quality of the training most departments receive doesn’t equate to the threat officers face day in and day out on the streets. We plan on changing this.

American Krav Maga LEO instructor training is designed to give officers the ability to survive a violent and often potentially lethal encounter within the perimeters of the law.

Bob Trotter and I come from very distinct backgrounds that compliment each other making our LEO training unique. Both of us have experienced violence and bring to the table what works on the streets or in close quarter combat situations from our first hand experiences. This is not hobby martial artists theories or the latest “level” of commercial big franchise Krav Maga repackaged to squeeze a little more money out of you. No. This is a collection of the best,scientific techniques based on biomechanics and field tested by Israeli Special Forces soldiers, American law enforcement officer’s and security professionals around the world.

We are sick and tired of seeing good men and women in the law enforcement community lose their lives. Our goal is to equip our officers with the most practical techniques through our training so that they make it home to their families safe after each shift.

Want your young officers to learn from seasoned criminals on the street the hard way or would you like them to learn from a reformed criminal who was in and out of prison 7 times but now is a volunteer with his local sheriffs department and has his own prison ministry, a black belt LEO Krav Maga Instructor, professional executive protection agent and author of Pitbull Bouncer!, owner of American Krav Maga, Gabe Cohen and Bob Trotter, a highly decorated seasoned cop from one of the most dangerous cities in our nation, Chicago, who has spent most of his career in tactical and gang units?

We offer 1,2,3 day training events and offer LEO Krav Maga Instructor Certification, Tiers 1,2,3.

Bob Trotter is an Officially Certified Krav Maga Civilian Instructor and Law Enforcement Force Training Instructor. Bob is a Chicago Police Officer with almost 15 years on the job, most of which has been assigned to tactical and gang units. Bob currently works in the Organized Crime Division, Gang Investigations Unit.He has over 70 awards and commendations including:

  • Superintendent’s Award of Valor
  • LifeSaving Award
  • F.O.P Distinguished Service award

Bob has over 35 years of Martial arts experience with several certifications and ranks

  • American Krav Maga Chief LEO Instructor, Tier 3
  • 1st Degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (World Tae Kwon Do Federation)
  • Instructor Wing Chun Gung Fu
  • Krav Maga Force Training Instructor
  • Krav Maga Civilian Instructor
  • Certified Woman’s Self Defense Instructor
  • Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach

He also has additional training in JKD, Kali, Shidokan Kick Boxing and BJJ.

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