GM Gabe Cohen one of best Krav Maga Instructors for all training to survival. Low Bow of my Respect for GM Gabe Cohen.

Dewayne WatkinsFounderBlack Belts Against Child AbuseChatsworth, Georgia

Gabe Cohen of AkM is one of the baddest guys on the planet, he’s a great teacher and gives his students the tools they need to face reality head on .. he’s also humble which is rare nowadays.

Matthew BergmanAnza, California

I am so happy to take a few moments to share my experiences with Gabe Cohen as a American Krav Maga instructor for my son and myself. First, I will share that I was very impressed with Gabe’s martial skills and ability to lead class in a relatable way for beginners or experienced martial artists. He was very invested in promoting a fun, safe, and challenging class environment with genuine concern for the development of each of his students. I am hopeful we will be able to train again in the future and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Will S. With Sincere Gratitude

Hello friends! I want to tell you that thanks to the people who are with me achieved with hard work and dedication, bringing the Chief Instructor Gabe Cohen – AMERICAN Krav Maga affiliate USKMA, US to Spain where he held a seminar and training course instructors USKMA.

Gabe Cohen arrived in Argentina on October 7, where I received in Ezeiza Airport, with much uncertainty and not really know what kind of person he was and my lack of communication with my 0 English level made it more frustrating, but really there was no problem on the second day of their arrival, we were able to make us understand and know what we wanted to express.
During his stay in Argentina I learned a lot at his side, great human being and excellent instructor.

In the activities we had three days of training for the training of instructors USKMA, being a very comprehensive course where I learned everything was fully productive, an unforgettable experience. Added to that on Saturday October 10 we conducted a public open call with a very interesting seminar where Gabe Cohen issued techniques against knife attacks and threats with firearms where the people were very happy with what they learn and wanting more, I think the time was short and was so interesting what they learned in the 6-hour seminar Gabe did not want to end the event.

On October 12 was the last day of training for instructors training course where AKM Gabe Cohen took an intensive course exam. Gabe showed us to be a very demanding and excellent professional instructor.

We ended the day with an Argentine asado farewell between instructors and students, where they parted very grateful for your visit.

I want to thank Gabe Cohen for his humility to all and a great person proved, thank you for your friendship and hope soon to see you again in Argentina, also thank Mark Slane – USKMA, Niko, ASAMA & members, students and Instructors family and friends.

Thank you very much, Chief Instructor Gabe Cohen – AMERICAN Krav Maga.

Marcelo OlmosInstructorISD Krav MagaArgentina

Gabe Cohen is a natural leader, who inspires other officers to perform at their best. He has also earned the trust and respect of the management team. He is always dependable, consistently going the extra mile in his duties, and has become an anchor in our operations. Gabe is very intelligent, which lends to his versatility and professionalism. He is articulate, forward thinking, creative, and very amicable. People have a tendency to gravitate towards his infectious smile and compassionate affable personality. He is highly trained in martial arts, and is an instructor locally sought after in the Krav Maga community and as a fitness instructor.

Keith HarrisPrincipalStrategic Alliance Security

Gabe did an amazing job instructing the students at my facility providing them with individualized instruction based on their own needs. He is dedicated to his students and passionate about his art.

James MainDirector of Athletics and FitnessGlenwood Springs Community Center

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